Billings Gazette: FEC To Review ADLF Compliant Against Judge Russell Fagg In Montana

The Billings Gazette reported on new developments regarding ADLF’s complaint to the Federal Elections Commission against Judge Russell Fagg of Montana. “The Federal Elections Commission will review a complaint by a national Democratic group alleging that Montana GOP Senate candidate Russell Fagg’s exploratory committee was improper,” the Gazette reported.

Story highlights:

  • “The American Democracy Legal Fund alleges that Russell Fagg’s exploratory committee was operating like a campaign for the four months leading up to Fagg’s official candidacy announcement Oct 14.”
  • “The group is asking the FEC to require Fagg to disclose any fundraising or campaign spending that occurred during his exploratory committee phase.”
  • “ADLF contends that Fagg crossed the line into candidacy during August. Fagg had an exploratory committee website with criticisms of U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, Fagg’s would-be Democratic opponent. Fagg was also distributing biographical information about himself. Then a district judge, Fagg was also looking for exploratory committee volunteers and had collected a few endorsements by Republicans.”

“Judge Russell Fagg violated federal election law by campaigning for U.S. Senate without declaring as a candidate. Instead, he hid from the voters while collecting secret donations. I look forward to the FEC ruling on this issue and ensuring that justice is served,” said Brad Woodhouse of the American Democracy Legal Fund.

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